Courses Postgraduate Office

Name code Units Major Prerequesties Description
(information theory and coding(i 2388823 COMMUNICATION ENGINNERING(ICT) E.Learning
(special topics ( discrete event systems 2383973 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics ( smart management of distribution systems 2382993 POWER
(special topics (architecture and function of ttcr subsystem 2397113 مهندسي فناوري ماهواره
(special topics (control of multi agent systems 2383483 CONTROL
(special topics (control of multi vehicle systems 2384413 CONTROL
(special topics (electromagnetics non distructive testing technics 2383473 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics (electronic warfare 2383103 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics (electronic- electromagnetic modeling of high frequency devices and circuits 2383993 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics (grid application of power electronics 2382983 POWER
(special topics (metamaterials 2383453 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics (microgrids and smart grids 2382103 POWER
(special topics (microwave measurment 2388813 COMMUNICATION ENGINNERING(ICT) E.Learning
(special topics (smart gird communications network 2383113 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics (theory of information network 2383243 COMMUNICATIONS
(special topics in communications (design of communication subsystems of satellites 2397103 مهندسي فناوري ماهواره
(special topics(radar signal processing 2383983 COMMUNICATIONS
Adaptiv control systems 2395213 مهندسي برق-مهندسي کنترل و اتوماسيون-آموزش الکترونيکي
Adv. engineering mathematics 2395123 مهندسي برق-مهندسي کنترل و اتوماسيون-آموزش الکترونيکي
Advanced instrumentation 2395133 مهندسي برق-مهندسي کنترل و اتوماسيون-آموزش الکترونيکي