The Chair's Message

I am privileged and honored to be leading the Department of Electrical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) also known as Tehran Polytechnic. We strive to provide outstanding educational and research programs that enable our graduating students to become leaders in their professions by imparting fundamental principles, skills, and tools to innovate and excel.

Our academic faculty members and students are involved in educational and research activities that have high influence and great impact in the academia as well as industry. As such, there are two distinguished Centers of Excellence in Power Systems and Radio Communications at the Department of Electrical Engineering of AUT that have been appointed by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. The main reason for the appointments is the high quality performance both in education and research activities. The centers are founded based on the collaboration of prominent academic faculty members and technical staff and fully equipped laboratories. We are dedicated to innovation, creativity, professionalism and high expectations for quality of work, teamwork, and personal growth of our academic faculty members, staff, and students.

Explore our catalog and website to see the excellence that the Department of Electrical Engineering at AUT has to offer. Thank you.

Ali Talebi

Professor and Chair