Digital Smart Systems (High Performance Computing)

Digital Smart Systems (High Performance Computing)

  • Introduction

Digital smart systems which was formerly active as high performance computing (HPC), began its activities in 1370 (1991).  During this time the laboratory’s research activities were mainly in the areas of basic and applied research in Digital signal processing, smart grid, as well as digital systems and smart systems with various applications and usage.

Considering the increasing use of wireless sensor networks and their importance, in the past couple of years this laboratory has paid special attention and focus on the theory and technological achievement of these networks.

Important research projects areas in the form of contracts with the industry, executive organs as well as doctoral and master's students' project are done as follows:

• Wireless sensor networks

• Parallel processing and cloud computing

• Image Processing

• High Speed ​​Processors

• Clusters and Parallel Processors

• Biological signal processing and medical engineering equipment and design

• Smart Grid