Electrical Drives & Power Electronics

  • Introduction


The EDPERL was established in 1995. The main goals of this research laboratory include design, optimization and construction of electrical drives, switching power supplies, and electrical machines.  With the help of a complete design and test equipment such as, digital power analyzers, spectrum analyzer, DSP control board, measuring instruments and power supplies, test bed, digital torque meters and other research tools, this Laboratory has become a modern research center for drive systems.     

The following is a brief description of the active research projects at EDPERL

·        Design, analysis and implementing different control strategies as, vector control, direct torque control, and Sensorless control on electrical drives    

·        Speed and torque control of induction, switch reluctance, PM synchronous, and brushless DC motors using TMS320LF2812 DSP board

·        Design, analysis and construction of switching power supplies, inverters and choppers for different applications

·        Power quality improvement in power networks using power electronics techniques

·        Design, analysis and optimization of electrical machines

·        Fault detection and diagnostics in electrical machines

·        Renewable energy studies including

o     Modeling of wind turbine farms

o     Control of wind turbine for optimum efficiency

o     Modeling of photo voltaic solar arrays

o     Optimization of energy consumption in hybrid renewable power systems