Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL)

Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL)

  • Introduction

 There current increase in energy demand and consumption is directly related to human development and is a subject of research activities worldwide. The Energy Systems Laboratory at the Department of Electrical Engineering, established in 2001, undertakes research projects related to all aspects of energy conversion and management including


  • Supply and demand side management techniques
  • Energy systems modeling and simulation
  • Dynamics and controls of energy systems
  • Fault detection and diagnostics in energy systems
  • Energy planning
  • Energy auditing and monitoring


As a member of the Center of Excellence for Power Systems, the director and principal investigator at ESL is Dr M.M. Ardehali, PhD, PE.  He is an international energy engineering consultant and an associate professor at Power and Energy Management Division of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). With numerous publications and patents, Dr. Ardehali is a registered professional engineer in several states in the US and specializes in energy systems dynamics, controls, and applications of artificial intelligence for energy efficiency.

He has held various positions in the academia and the research centers worldwide. As a senior research engineer and consultant at the Iowa Energy Center, he developed and participated in completing several EPA-DOE supported projects.


Dr. Ardehali can be reached at:

Energy Systems Laboratory

Division of Power and Energy Management

Department of Electrical Engineering

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

424 Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98 21) 6454 3323; Fax: (+98 21) 6640 6469