Applied Electromagnetics

Applied Electromagnetics

  • Introduction

The Electromagnetics Laboratory (EML) is active in research and development in various aspects of applied electromagnetic, including non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of materials, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and antennas design and development. The academic staff of the laboratory also provide advisory and engineering services to different sectors of industry. The following is a brief description of the active research projects at EML:

·        Analysis and measurements of electromagnetic fields due to lightning discharge and their effects on various apparatus used in electric power systems, factory production lines, etc.

·        Analysis and design of grounding systems appropriate for both low and high frequency regimes

·        Analysis and measurement of radio frequency radiation due to cellular phones and its biologic effects on human body

·        Analysis and measurement of harmonic distortions in voltage and current signals caused by non-linear loads in electric power systems

·        Electromagnetic non-destructive evaluation of materials utilizing the eddy-current and microwave techniques