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Faculty of Electrical Engineering with nearly half a century old, is one of the oldest and largest faculties of Amir Kabir University of Technology.
In 1958, this college started its educational and research activities with two majors of electronics and power in the undergraduate course.
The telecommunications group started in 1988 and the control group in 1996.
The faculty currently, with the benefit of 50 faculty members, accepts undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in all fields of electrical engineering (electronics, power, control, and telecommunications.)
The names of the deans of the faculty since 1978 are as follows:

1- Dr. Talebi since 2017 until now
2- Dr. Hosseinian 2014-2017
3- Dr. Reza Sarraf Shirazi 2013-2014
4- Dr. Hossein Asgarian Abyaneh 2009-2013
5- Dr. Abdolali Abdipoor, 2006-2009
6- Dr. Roozbeh Moeini Mazandaran , 2003-2006
7- Dr. Shahram Montaser Koohsari, 2001-2003
8- Dr. Javad Shokrollahi Moghani, 1999-2001
9- Dr. Mirabal Hassan Fassihi, 1997-1999
10- Dr. Mehdi Karari, 1994-1997
11- Dr. Seyed Hamid Fathi, 1993-1994
12- Dr. Massoud Shafiee, 1991-1993
13- Dr. Hassan Taheri, 1988-1991
14- Dr. Jafar Mili Monfared, 1987-1988
15- Dr. Abolghasem Asadollahi Rai, 1985-1987
16- Dr. Mehrdad Abedi, 1982-1985
17- Dr. Mohammad Rabiee, 1980-1982
18- Dr. Akbar Adibi, 1978-1980
19- Dr. Kamaluddin Nikroush, 1978

The honors of the faculty are as follows:

  1. Selection of the faculty's power group as the country's top scientific center in 2007 Selecting the Faculty of Telecommunications as the country's top scientific hub in 2008

Dr. Abedi:

  1. Perfect Professor of the Country (elected by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) - May 2001< >Veteran of Electrical Industry (elected by Iran Electronic and Electronic Engineering Association) - May 2003 Head of the Electrical Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran (since 2003)
  2. The translator of the selected book of the National Energy Council "A Study of Modern Electricity Systems"< >Winner of the best research project of the Electricity Industry Festival in connection with the distribution of possible loads in power systems - 2003 Translator of the selected book "Principles of Electric Machines", University of Tehran Press, 1994 Winner of Kharazmi Award, Khatam Festival, Zanjan Province, 2003 Top Researcher of the Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004 Perfect researcher of Amirkabir University of Technology

Dr. Karari:

  1. Selected Author of the Thirteenth Book of the Year of the University, University of Tehran, Engineering Technical Department - 2003
  2. The best author of the first course of the best technical engineering books, Amir Kabir University of Technology - 2004
Professor Seyed Kamaluddin yadavar Nikravsh:

  1. Perfect Professor of the Country - Ministry of Science, Research and Technology Top scientist - 2004 Winner of the award "Veteran Professor of Electrical Engineering in the field of research in the Iranian sector IEEE-2013"

Dr. Ghorbani:

  • Perfect researcher, Amir Kabir University of Technology - 2000

Dr. Sadeghi:

  • Top Researcher of the Year of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association of Iran - 2005
Dr. Motamedi:

  • Winner of Kharazmi Award - 1992

Dr. Shafiee:

  • Perfect Professor of the Country - 2004
Student honors:

  1. Engineer Ghaffarpour Jahromi, received a letter of appreciation from the Young Kharazmi Festival - 2002 Engineer Abdolhamid Shouri, Received a letter of appreciation from the Kharazmi Youth Festival - 2004 Engineer Nima Khademi Kalantari, Top Master's Thesis, 40th Anniversary of IEEE Iran.

Kharazmi Awards:

-1988Audio Encryption System
Dr. Motamedi, Dr. Ahadi, Dr. Sedghi
-1989Cybernetic hand project
Dr. Hashemi Golpayegani
-1992 Fax code reopening system
Dr. Motamedi

1993-CNC project
Dr. Rai

  1. Antenna room project Pasha Electricity Distribution Management System
Dr. Montaser Koohsari
1995-Design and manufacture of microprocessor-based protection systems
Dr. Adibi
1996- Radar, design and optimization
2000-Applied research in the field of electromagnetic analysis
Dr. Sadeghi and Dr. Moeini

  • Comprehensive relay tester design
Dr. Askarian Abyaneh

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