Approved Courses

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Name code Course Syllabus Major
(information theory and coding)i 2388823 Communication Engineering(ICT) E.Learning 
(special topics ) discrete event systems 2383973 Syllabus Communications
(special topics ) smart management of distribution systems 2382993 Power
(special topics )architecture and function of ttcr subsystem 2397113
(special topics )control of multi agent systems 2383483 Control
(special topics )control of multi vehicle systems 2384413 Control
(special topics )electromagnetics non distructive testing technics 2383473 Communications
(special topics )electronic warfare 2383103 Communications
(special topics )electronic- electromagnetic modeling of high frequency devices and circuits 2383993 Communications
(special topics )grid application of power electronics 2382983 Power
(special topics )metamaterials 2383453 Communications
(special topics )microgrids and smart grids 2382103 Power 
(special topics )microwave measurment 2388813 Communications Engineering(ICT) E.Learning 
(special topics )smart gird communications network 2383113 Communications
(special topics )theory of information network 2383243 Communications
(special topics in communications )design of communication subsystems of satellites 2397103
(special topics(radar signal processing 2383983 Communications
Adaptiv control systems 2395213
Adv. engineering mathematics 2395123
Advanced instrumentation 2395133
Advanced microprocessors 2396253 Electronic E.Learning
Advanced robotics 2395193
Advanced virtual instrumentation 2396153 Electronic E.Learning
Communication 1 2388753 Communications Engineering(ICT) E.Learning
Computational intellegince and its applications in mechatronics 2389133 Mechatronics
Control mechatronics systems 2389163 Mechatronics
Data communication network 2396193 Electronic E.Learning
Design of modern electrical machines 2382963 Power
Digital control 2395163
Digital signal processing 2396203 Electronic E.Learning
Digital wavelet signal processing 2383963 Communications
Discrete event systems 2384103 Syllabus Control
Distributed control systems 2395243
Distributed generation 2391583 Power-Electrical Energy Manigement E.Learning
Dynamics systems stability analysis 2384403 Control
Electronics 3 2396173 Electronic E.Learning
Energy management 2391622 Power-Electrical Energy Management E.Learning
Energy pricing 2391613 Power-Electrical Energy Management E.Learning
Engineering mathematics 2388763 COMMUNICATION ENGINNERING(ICT) E.Learning
Filed & waves 2388773 Communications Engineering(ICT) E.Learning
Name code Major
Fundamentals of mechanical engineering pre-request 1 2380053 Mechatronics
Fundamentals of mechanical engineering pre-request 2 2380063 Mechatronics
Fundamentals of mechanical engineering pre-request3 2380073 Mechatronics
Fuzzy control 2395223
Industrial control 2395173
Intelligent control 2395143
Introduction to mems thechnology 2389173 Mechatronics
Introduction to power engineering 2392133
Linear integrated circuit design 2396143 Electronic E.Learning
Mechatronics systems modeling 2389143 Mechatronics
Microprocessors 2396183 Electronic E.Learning
Modern control 2395153
Neural networks 2396163 Electronic E.Learning
Numerical methods in high frequencies 2388803 Communication Engineering(ICT) E.Learning
Numerical techniques in electromagnetics 2388653 Communication Engineering(ICT) E.Learning
Optimal control 2395203
Power cables 2382973 Power
Power plant 2391603 Power-Electrical Energy Management E.Learning
Power sys analysis 2 2391593 Power-Electrical Energy Management E.Learning
Pulsed power systems 2382143 Power
Queuing theory 2388793 Communication Engineering(ICT) E.Learning
Railway substation analysis 2392113
Renewable energy resources 2 2391533 Power-Electrical Energy Management E.Learning
Robust speech processing 2386203 Electrical-Digital Systems
Seminar 2396902 Electrical E.Learning
Seminar 2395902
Solid state devices i 2396213 Electronic E.Learning
Solid state devices ii 2396223 Electronic E.Learning
Special topics in photonics 2381873 Electronic
Speech processing 2396243 Electronic E.Learning
Stochastic control systems 2395233
System analysis 2388783 Communication Engineering(ICT) E.Learning
System identification 2395183
The principles of precisions engineering 2389153 Mechatronics
Theory & tech. of solid state devices 2396123 Electronic E.Learning
Train electrical supply system analysis 2392123
Var. control in power system 2391633 Power-Electrical Energy Management E.Learning
Vlsi circuit design 2381863 Electronic
Vlsi circuit design 2396133 Electronic E.Learning
Vlsi circuit design ii 2396233 Electronic E.Learning
analysis of traction machines 2392103
Energy Consumption Processes and Assessment 2387143 Syllabus
Energy Planning Course 2391542 Syllabus
Energy Resources 2387102 Syllabus
Distribution network protection 2394133 Syllabus
Mechatronic II 2380023 Syllabus
Nonlinear Microwave Circuit Design 2380663 Syllabus
Detection and Estimation Theory 2380673 Syllabus
Data Communication Network 2381293 Syllabus
Statistical Pattern Recognition 2381323 Syllabus
NonlinearOptics 2381663 Syllabus
Data Converters 2381853 Syllabus
Power Electronics 2 2382553 Syllabus
Power system Analysis 2382603 Syllabus
Finite Element Method in Electromagnetic 2382683 Syllabus
DG 2382883 Syllabus
FACTS 2382893 Syllabus
optimal control 2384123 Syllabus
Advanced Telecommunication Theory 2383133 Syllabus
Advanced Microwave 2383173 Syllabus
Modelling and Simulation 2384133 Syllabus
control of multi vehicle systems 2384503 Syllabus
Adaptive control systems 2384743 Syllabus
Energy-Storage 2387543 Syllabus

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